Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 11 No. 2

Optimization of Keratinase Production by Bacillus olironius Isolated from Poultry Farm Soil

Deepak Parashar, Divya Bhatia and Deepak Kumar Malik*

Department of Biotechnology, University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, 136119-Haryana, India.

Received on 20 March 2017 and accepted on 20 May 2017



The keratin degrading bacterial strain KRD1 was isolated from poultry farm soil by using enrichment technology. The strain was identified as Bacillus olironius on the basis of biochemical and 16s rRNA sequencing. The keratinase production was maximum in keratin medium under optimum condition (pH 7.5, time 96 h; temperature 37 C; and 5 % inoculums). The KRD1 keratinase activity decreased by the addition of carbon sources and strain KRD1 produce high keratinase in the presence of 0.1 % yeast extract. Therefore enzymatic hydrolysis of feather wastes could be a safe method for recycling of keratin materials.

Keywords : Bacillus olironius, keratenase, poultry soil, optimization.