Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 11 No. 1

Comparative Study Between Different Types of Media used for the Isolation of Uropathogens with Special Reference to E.coli

Yashab Kumar, Lata Kunj and Pramod W. Ramteke

Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Deemed to be University, Allahabad - 211007, India.

Received on 12 September 2016 and accepted on 03 December 2016



Escherichia coli is the greatest cause of primary urinary tract infections. The present study aimed Urinary tract infection in female with special reference Escherichia coli and its antibiotic susceptibility pattern. A total of 100 urine samples were collected from different hospitals of Allahabad. The samples were cultured on Cystein lysine electrolytes deficiency media, MacConkey’s agar, Nutrient agar and Hicrome UTI agar media. Based on the results it was found that different media had different properties and Hicrome UTI agar was the best and convenient media for the isolation of Escherichia coli and other uropathogens. Further it was also observed that Escherichia coli was the most common organism for UTI in female.

Keywords : Urinary tract infection, Female, Escherichia coli, Nutrient agar, MacConkey’s agar, Cystein lysine electrolytes deficiency, Hicrome UTI agar.