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Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 11 No. 4, Dec 2017

Donny Kusuma Hardjani1, Gede Suantika2, Pingkan Aditiawati2*
Nutritional Profile of Red Seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii after Fermentation using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as a Feed Supplement for White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Nutritional Profile of Fermented Red Seaweed
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1637-1645 Dec 2017

Ji-Hyeong Cho1, Mun-Gyeong Cho1, Sanjeev Kumar Dhungana2, Hye-Ryun Kim2, Dong-Joon Kim3 and Il-Doo Kim4*
Influence of Ripe Persimmon on Quality Characteristics and Antioxidant Potential of Sparkling Wine
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1647-1653 Dec 2017

Basma A. El Awady1*, Mera G. Anan1, Hamida A. Gohar1 and Mohamed H. Saleh2
Detection of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae using Chromogenic Medium, ChromidID OXA-48, in Critical Care Patients of Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital in Egypt
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1655-1664 Dec 2017

W. Sutthisa1 and N. Sanoamuang2,3*
Identification of Pycnoporus coccineus KKUPN1 and Effect of Colchicine Treatment on Growth and Enzyme Production
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1665-1673 Dec 2017

Abdullah Safar Al-Thubiani1 and Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan2
The Prebiotic Properties of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Seeds in Stimulating Probiotic Lactobacillus
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1675-1686 Dec 2017

Karim Hassan1* and Marwan ElBagoury2
The Domestic Student Kitchen: A Microbiological Hazard?
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1687-1693 Dec 2017

Carmen Rizzo1*, Giuseppa Genovese1, Marina Morabito1, Caterina Faggio1, Maria Pagano1, Antonio SpanÚ1, Vincenzo Zammuto1,3, Simona Armeli Minicante2, Antonio Manghisi1, Rosalia Maria Cigala1, Francesco Crea1, Fabio Marino1 and Concetta Gugliandolo1
Potential Antibacterial Activity of Marine Macroalgae against Pathogens Relevant for Aquaculture and Human Health
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1695-1706 Dec 2017

Amal Abdulaziz Aljuraifani* and Azzah Ibrahim Alghamdi
Cost-Effective with Silver Alloys in Water
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1707-1711 Dec 2017

Suman Abhishek1,3, Anil Kumar Gupta2 and Anjuvan Singh3
Kinetic Models Demonstrate Ability of Staphylococcus aureus to Uptake Heme from Beta vulgaris Proteins
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1713-1719 Dec 2017

Sujan Dey, Mohammad Seraj Uddin* and Mohammed Abul Manchur
Physicochemical and Bacteriological Assessment of Surface Water Quality of the Karnaphuli River in Bangladesh
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1721-1728 Dec 2017

Hussein O.M. Al-Dahmoshi1*, Hasananin K. Al-Sharef2, Noor S. Al-Khafaji3, Jawad A. Al-Asskar4 and Alyaa S. Karkosh5
Rapid Detection and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Genital Mycoplasma Isolated from Male with Urethritis and Prostatitis, Iraq
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1729-1735 Dec 2017

Sufia Irfan and Aishah AlAtawi
Eichhoria crassipes (Mart.) Solms. Application of Macrophyte in Heavy Metals Removal
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1737-1748 Dec 2017

Mamdouh M. Esmat1#, Ahmed G. Abdelhamid1#, Ahmed Esmael2#*, Mohamed A. Nasr-Eldin2, Sabah Abo-elmaaty2, Mervat G. Hassan2 and Abeer A. Khattab2
Antibiotics and Phage Sensitivity as Interventions for Controlling Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Specimens
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1749-1755 Dec 2017

H.P. Jai Shanker Pillai
Optimization of Process Conditions for Effective Degradation of Azo Blue Dye by Streptomyces DJP15
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1757-1765 Dec 2017

Malika Talhi-Mekhici1*, Bertrand Cornu2, Rahma Talhi- Mehaya1, Djemaia Sahraoui1,Wafaa Dib3, Leila Amel Yazi4, Assia Zemmour1, Saidi-Ouahrani Nadjia6, Mourad Kacem5 and Corinne Vander Wauven2
Phenotypic and Genotypic Identification of Bacteria from Women Breast-Milk and the Feces of their Childs in the Western Region of Algeria
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1767-1776 Dec 2017

Noor S. K. Al-Khafaji* and Azhar A. L. Al-Thahab
Phylogenetic Study of Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Samples in Hilla City, Iraq
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1777-1781 Dec 2017

Maysa S.M. Al-Shukri
Gold Nanoparticles and Laser as Antimicrobial Agents against Some Types of Bacteria
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1783-1788 Dec 2017

Arzita1, Syamsuardi2, Anthoni Agustien2* and Yetria Rilda3
The Diversity of the Alkaline Protease Producers, Thermophilic Obligate Bacillus spp., from Sungai Tutung Hot Spring, Kerinci, Jambi, Indonesia
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1789-1797 Dec 2017

Abdelatty M. Saleh1, Moustafa Y. El-Naggar1, Abdel-Mawgood L. Ahmed2 and Zakia A. Olama2
Evaluation of Bacteriological Profile of the Fresh Produce in Beheira Governorate, Egypt
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1799-1809 Dec 2017

Reyaz Ahmad Lone and P. Indra Arulselvi*
Molecular Characterization and Evaluation of two Potential Mosquitocidal Lysinibacillus Strains from Himalayan Valley Kashmir
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1811-1821 Dec 2017

V. Manon Mani1,2*#, A. Parimala Gnana Soundari2#, S. Ashokraj3 and V. Brindha Priyadarisini2
Molecular and Functional Characterization of Metabolites from Terrestrial Streptomyces hygroscopicus AVS7 Isolated from Western Ghats, India
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1823-1831 Dec 2017

Maryam Kotb1*, Maged Bahgat2, Shabaan Hashem3, Hussein Sabit4, and Marwan ElBagoury5
Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria Causing Acute Suppurative Otitis Media in Egypt
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1833-1837 Dec 2017

Saima Farooq, V.K. Razdan, Vishal Gupta*, Kausar Fatima, Seethiya Mahajan and Satish Sharma
Germplasm Evaluation and Characterization of Slow Rusting Resistant Gene against Stripe Rust of Wheat
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1839-1844 Dec 2017

Ch. Shalu Singh1, Sarita Singh1, P.K. Sharma2 and Deepak Chand Sharma3*
Isolation, Identification and Molecular Characterization of Phytase Producing Bacteria, Pseudomonas Sp. Aazad
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1845-1850 Dec 2017

Shaima M.Alhazmi and Samah O. Noor
Blood-Stream Infection among Chronic Hemodialysis Patients: Review Article
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1851-1854 Dec 2017

Fidelis Azi1*, Michael O.Odo1, Peter A.Okorie1, Helen A. Njoku1, Ngozi Uchenna Oledimma1, Veronica N. Nwobasi1 and Amechi S. Nwankwegu2
Microbial and Heavy Metal Analysis of Irrigation Water and Vegetables Grown and Consumed in Abakaliki Metropolis
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1855-1862 Dec 2017

Mirza Zaheer Baig1, Smita M. Dharmadhikari1 and Syed Ismail2
Technological Processes for Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Bioethanol
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1863-1881 Dec 2017

I. Thamaraikani and M. Kulandhaivel
Purification of Hydroxychavicol from Piper betle Linn and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity against Some Food Poison Causing Bacteria
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1883-1889 Dec 2017

Halemah Mohamed Abulkasim*, G.S. Shukla, H.K. Bajaj and Harrison Masih
Study of Erythromycin Resistance genes in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Throat Swab Culture
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1891-1897 Dec 2017

Lakshmibala Kshetri1*, Piyush Pandey1 and Gauri Dutt Sharma2
Solubilization of Inorganic Rock Phosphate by Rhizobacteria of Allium hookeri Thwaites and Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources Amendments
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1899-1908 Dec 2017

Jaydeep Patil*1, S R Goel2 and Saroj Yadav2
Bio-management of Cucumber wilt Complex Caused by Root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum in Polyhouse under Protected Cultivation
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1909-1917 Dec 2017

J. G. Patel1*, B. J. Patel1, D.V. Joshi1, S. S. Patel2, S. H. Raval1, R. S. Parmar1, H. C. Chauhan2 and B. S. Chandel3
Culture Based Isolation of Pathogenic Bacteria Associated with Respiratory Disease Complex in Broiler with Special Reference to Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale from India
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1919-1924 Dec 2017

S. Swetha1 and Ashish.R.Jain2
Assessment of Microbial Growth and Salivary PH in Patients Wearing Fixed Partial Denture
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1925-1928 Dec 2017

Lokendra Singh* and S.C. Sati
Bio-Prospecting of Root Endophytic Freshwater Fungi Anguillospora longissima and Cylindrocarpon aquaticum as Phosphate Solubilization Potential
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1929-1937 Dec 2017

Verma Rishabh1, Jain Pavithra2, K.R. PravinChandra3 and R.D. Kulkarni2
Pathogenicity Testing of Clinical Candida Isolates by Assesing Biofilm Formation and their Adhesion to Urinary Catheter Material
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1939-1946 Dec 2017

Saghee Madhu Raju1,2 and Rajkumar Bidlan2#
Isolation, Enrichment and Metagenomic Characterization of Simultaneous DDT and Lindane Degrading Microbial Consortium
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1947-1952 Dec 2017

Ajit Kaur1*, Surekha Bhatia2 and Urmila Gupta Phutela3
Partial Purification and Characterization of Cellulolytic Enzymes Extracted from Trichoderma reesei Inoculated Digested Biogas Slurry
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1953-1963 Dec 2017

S. Umamaheswari, S. Malkar Oli and K. Naveena
FTIR Spectral and Microarchitectural Analysis of Cellulose Produced by Lactococcus lactis Under Agitated Condition
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1965-1971 Dec 2017

Richa Sharma, V.K. Razdan, Vishal Gupta, Stanzin Dorjey, Kausar Fatima, P.K. Rai and Satish Sharma
Screening of Rhizo-Bacterial Isolates for Bio-control Potential against Soil-Borne Diseases in Brinjal
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1973-1982 Dec 2017

S.S. Kansara1* and D.M. Joshi2
Efficacy of Fungal and Bacterial Bioagents against Leaf Spot/Blight of Heliconia Caused by Drechslera State of Trichometasphaeria Holmii
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1983-1986 Dec 2017

Anusha Krishnamurthy1, Prasanna Devarbhat Belur*1, Prachi Rai1 and Punchappady Devasya Rekha2
Production of Fibrinolytic Enzyme by the Marine Isolate Serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis and its In-vitro Anticoagulant and Thrombolytic Potential
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1987-1998 Dec 2017

Monika Rajani1 and Yash Javeri2
Epidemiology of Blood Stream Infections in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a Tertiary Care Centre
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 1999-2005 Dec 2017

Ishu Bala Thakur and Chayanika Putatunda*
In vitro Phosphate Solubilization by Enterobacter spp. Isolated from Wheat Rhizosphere
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2007-2015 Dec 2017

Anitha Palanimanickam1 and Umamaheswari Sepperumal2
Degradation of Lambdacyhalothrin in Soil Inoculated with Bacillus cereus and Aneurinibacillus migulanus
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2017-2021 Dec 2017

T. Frederick Rajkumar1 and K.G. Sivaramakrishnan2
Evaluation of Probiotics for Improving Physico-Chemical Parameters in Tiger Shrimp Culture Pond
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2023-2026 Dec 2017

Krishna D. Kurubetta*, M. Shivaprasad, M.H. Tatagar, R.K. Mesta and M. Abdul Kareem
Nursery Management Practices for Improving the Yield of Dry Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2027-2029 Dec 2017

Umar Farooq1,2*, Xiaoming Liu1 and Hao Zhang1
Enhancement of Short Chain Fatty Acid Production by Co-cultures of Probiotics Fermentation with Pearl Millet (pennisetum glaucum) Fibre Fractions
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2031-2038 Dec 2017

Subuhi Khan1*, Vanadana Dixit1, Salauddin Qureshi2, AK Gupta3 and GBKS Prasad1
In vitro and In vivo Anti-Filarial Effect of Tetracycline/ Doxycycline
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2039-2043 Dec 2017

M. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy
Molecular Characterization Escherichia coli from Pork Meat by Whole Cell Protein Finger Printing
Volume 11 No. 4 Page No. 2045-2049 Dec 2017
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