Current Issue

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 9 No. 2, Jun 2015

Shan-Shan Wang1,2, Qing-Jun Chen1, Kai Cui2, Zi-Jiang Wang2, Shou-Nan Wang2, Hai-Wen Hu2, and Guo-Qing Zhang2*
Isolation, Classification, Culture Conditions, and Enzyme Production of a White Rot Fungus Cerrena sp. GSM-01
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 861-868 Jun 2015

Jin-Liang Wang1, Quan-Wen Sun2, Bing-Mei Dong3, Feng Wei1, Jin-long Chen3, Yan-kai Dong3,Ai-Hua Wang2* and Zhi-Qiang Shen1,3*
Antigenic Characterization of the Glycosylated E2 Proteins of Classical Swine Fever Virus
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 869-875 Jun 2015

A. Emami1, H.Yari2*, H. Hosseinipour Nasirmahaleh1, A. Fouladvanda, A. Hosseinnia and H. Sadegh2
Amplification and Structure Analysis of Dioxygenase of Anoxybacillus sp. DT3-1
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 877-883 Jun 2015

Shijuan Xie1, 2, Dan Jin1*, Bin Yu1, Yafei Xu2 and Zhenlyu Zou1
Comparison between Staged ORIF and EFLIF in Treatment of Pilon Fracture: A Systematic Review
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 885-892 Jun 2015

Li Linling1,3, Cheng Hua1,3, Hua Juan1,3, Yuan Honghui1,3, Xu Feng1 and Cheng Shuiyuan1,2*
Screening and Control Efficacy of Endophytic Bacteria CE3 from Castanea mollissima Blume
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 893-898 Jun 2015

Yongjun Dong, Lirong Wang*, Xingyou Liu and Kun Zhao
The Isolation and Identification of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Antimicrobial Susceptibility From Pigs in China
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 899-911 Jun 2015

Miroslav Pohanka1 and Oto Pavlis2
Impact of Caffeine on Tularemia Progression in a Mouse Model
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 913-918 Jun 2015

Sudip Paul1*, Moumoni Saha1, Sattya Narayan Talukdar2, Susmita Rajbongshi 3, Rubait Nazneen Akhand4 and Md. Aminul Islam1
Computational Approaches Predict the Reliable Three Dimensional (3D) Structure and Possible Involvement of a Hypothetical Protein of Mycobacterium leprae, ML-1369 in its Cell Division
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 919-926 Jun 2015

Febri Doni1, Norela Sulaiman2*, Anizan Isahak2, Wan Nurashiqin Wan Mohamad3, Che Radziah Che Mohd Zain1, Abidah Ashari1 and Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff1
Impact of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on Paddy Field Ecosystem: Case Study in Ledang, Johore, Malaysia
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 927-933 Jun 2015

Isar Dejban Golpasha1, Seyed Fazlollah Mousavi2*, Parviz Owlia3, Seyed Davar Siadat2 and Shiva Irani1
Recombinant PcrV Induced Poly-Isotypic Humoral Immune Responses Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in BALB/c Mice
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 935-945 Jun 2015

Ehab M.R. Metwali1,2*, Reinhold Carle1,3, Ralf M. Schweiggert3, Naif M. Kadasa1 and Omar A. Almaghrabi1
Increasing Efficiency of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Resistance to Drought Stress with Conventional and Molecular Genetic Methods
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 947-961 Jun 2015

Tanzila Sahar1*, Muhammad Anjum Zia1*, Munir Ahmad Sheikh1 and Shaukat Ali2
Hyper-production of Glucose Oxidase (GOX) from Aspergillus niger by using Chemical Mutagenesis
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 963-972 Jun 2015

Thanawat Pattananandecha1, Sasithorn Sirilun1, Bhagavathi Sundaram Sivamaruthi1, Prasit Suwannalert2, Sartjin Peerajan3 and Chaiyavat Chaiyasut1*
Hydrolyzed Inulin with Different Degree of Polymerization as Prebiotic for Lactobacillus plantarum
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 973-979 Jun 2015

Muhammad Ilyas1, Muhammad Khurram1, Shabeer Ahmad2 and Irshad Ahmad3
Frequency, Susceptibility and Co-Existence of MBL, ESBL & AmpC Positive Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Tertiary Care Hospitals of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 981-988 Jun 2015

Samy A. El- Aassar1, Amany S. youssef1, Magdy A. Sorour2 and Fady F. Abd El-Malek1*
Validity of Chitosan-Cinnamon Formula for Treatment of MDR-Pseudomonal Wound Infections
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 989-996 Jun 2015

Kazuhiko Namikawa1 and Jonathan Lynch2
Efficacy of Low Dose Diminazene Aceturate for Babesia gibsoni Infection
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 997-1000 Jun 2015

Shahnaz Armin1, Farhad Fareghi2, Fatemh Fallah1, Masoud Dadashi2, Bahram Nikmanesh3 and Zohreh Ghalavand2*
Prevalence of hlg and pvl Genes in Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) Isolated from Health Care Staff in Mofid Children Hospital,Tehran, Iran
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1001-1005 Jun 2015

G. Ghanizadeh1*, A. Mirmohammadlou2 and D. Esmaeli3
Predictive Parameters of Heterotroph Plate Count Bacteria Amplification in Hospital Water Lines
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1007-1013 Jun 2015

Vikas K. Singh1*, Vivek K.Gupta2, N. Shivasharanappa2, Ajay Singh2, Sushant Bhat1, Rakesh Kumar3 and K. Gururaj2
Differential Toll-Like Receptor and Cytokine Gene Expression Profiles in Natural Caprine Brucellosis
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1015-1023 Jun 2015

Vinay Kumar1*, Mukesh Kumar1, Jitendra Singh1 and V.K. Baranwal2
Molecular Detection and Characterization of Citrus Yellow Mosaic Virus Associated with Acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1025-1032 Jun 2015

Viraj Krishna Mishra1, Vishwa Rawat, Satish Rana and J. Dubey
Isolation and Screening of Cellulose Degrading Microorganisms and Evaluation of its Cellulolytic Activity
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1033-1038 Jun 2015

Chidanand A. Rabinal1, Narayan Moger1, Satish Verma1, P. U. Krishnaraj2 and K. N. Chandrashekara3
Production of Single Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) Monoclonal Antibody against Cry2B through Phage Display Technology
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1039-1046 Jun 2015

Karunamurthy Dhivya, Natarajan Balakrishnan, Varatharajalu Udayasuriyan and Duraialagaraja Sudhakar*
Analysis of Stable Expression of Chimeric cry2AX1 Gene in Insect Resistant Cotton Progeny over Successive Generations
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1047-1053 Jun 2015

Prerna Nathawat1, Taruna Bhati2, Sandeep Kumar Sharma3*, Rahul Yadav2 and Anil Kumar Kataria2
Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus of Goat Mastitis Milk Origin for cap and clfA Genes
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1055-1061 Jun 2015

Santosh Kumar1*, Amarendra Kumar1, Gireesh Chand1, S.K. Biswas2 and Rakesh Kumar3
Cultural and Physiological Studies of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri Causing Wilt of Chickpea and its Management
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1063-1068 Jun 2015

Bansh Narayan Singh1,2, Archana Singh2, Gopal Shankar Singh2 and Padmanabh Dwivedi1*
Potential Role of Trichoderma asperellum T42 Strain in Growth of Pea Plant for Sustainable Agriculture
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1069-1074 Jun 2015

Kanchan Jangir, B.N. Shringi, Irfan Ahmad Mir, Ram Hari Meena, Nishtha Purohit, Sunil Maherchandani and S.K. Kashyap
Isolation, Biochemical and Virulence Characterisation of Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium Isolated from Poultry Feces
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1075-1080 Jun 2015

N.V. Manapure, R.M. Naik*, R.D. Satbhai and S.G. Mohite
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Solvent Extracted Pomegranate Peel and its Effect against Plant Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1081-1089 Jun 2015

Arshad Naji Alhasnawi1,3*, Ahsan A. Kadhimi1,4, Anizan Isahak2, Mehdi Farshad Ashraf1, Febri Doni1, Azhar Mohamad5, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff1 and Che Radziah Che Mohd Zain1*
Application of Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) for Detecting Genetic Analysis in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1091-1101 Jun 2015

Samin Jan1, Hamayun Khan2, Muhammad Hamayun3, Asif Mehmood1, Nadeem Ahmad4 and In-Jung Lee5*
Chemical Composition, Mineral Profile and Antimicrobial Activity of Stachys parviflora and Calotropis procera
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1103-1110 Jun 2015

Manu Vineet Sharma, Madhavi Joshi* and Anand Sagar
In vitro Studies on Antibacterial Activity of Pleurotus sajor caju
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1111-1115 Jun 2015

Rubina Lawrence1, Yashab Kumar1*, Ajay Kumar Singh1 and Satendra Singh2
Production and Optimization of Xylanase by Thermophilic Bacillus sp. Isolated from Soil
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1117-1128 Jun 2015

V. Joshi Suvarna, S. Tajane Sunny, P. Vaidya Shashikant and S. Chowdhary Abhay
Comparison of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Extraction Methods
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1129-1136 Jun 2015

B. Kanchanashri*, M.K. Shivapraksh and C.C. Maina
Influence of Microbial Seed Priming on Inducing Systemic Disease Resistance in French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1137-1142 Jun 2015

Jayasree Ravindran1*, Vijayalakshmi Melanathuru2 and A. Jamuna Devi3
Paraoxonase Q192R Gene Polymorphism and Cardiovascular Risk are Associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Women
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1143-1148 Jun 2015

M.V. Shyla1*, K.B. Naidu1, G. Vasanth Kumar2 and Geetha Ramesh3
Numerical Analysis of Flow Patterns of Hydrogen-Sulfide inside Nasal Cavity
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1149-1154 Jun 2015

Prakash K. Sarangi , Ng. Joykumar Singh* and Th. Anand Singh
Bioconversion of Pineapple Wastes into Biotechnological Products: A Review
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1155-1162 Jun 2015

Preeti Saini1*, Veena Khanna2 and Madhurama Gangwar1
Mechanisms of Plant Growth Promotion by Rhizobacteria
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1163-1177 Jun 2015

A. Anantha Rama1*, Mahadevaswamy2, K. Tamil Vendan3, Nagaraj Naik4 and A.R. Kuruber5
Influence of Efficient Strain of PSB on Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Black Cotton Soil Condition
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1179-1184 Jun 2015

Parveen Kumar, Pronab Dhar, Vikramaditya Upmanyu, Amit Kumar and Ashok Kumar Tiwari
Cloning of 6.5 kb Segment of Cell Culture Adapted Classical Swine Fever Virus
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1185-1188 Jun 2015

Divya Patel* and P.V. Thakare
Occurrence of Multiple Plasmids in Metal Resistant Bacterial Population Isolated from Coal Fly Ash Contaminated Soil
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1189-1196 Jun 2015

Sachin A. More*, Malik Ahmed Pasha, Smita R. Babar and P.U. Krishnaraj
Bacterial Community Diversity and their Composition in Different Soil Ecosystems Analyzed by PCR Coupled Culture Independent Methods
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1197-1210 Jun 2015

Lokesh Kumar Jat1, Y. V. Singh1, Santosh Kumar Meena2, Sunita Kumari Meena1, Manoj Parihar1, H.S. Jatav1, Raj Kumar Meena1 and Vijay Singh Meena1,3*
Does Integrated Nutrient Management, Enhance Agricultural Productivity?
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1211-1221 Jun 2015

Mukesh Kumar1*, Vinay Kumar2, Rekha Kansal3, P. S. Srivastava4 and K.R. Koundal3
Purification of Protease Inhibitor Protein from Pigeonpea Seeds and its Insecticidal Potential against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1223-1231 Jun 2015

Ashish Dwivedi1*, Adesh Singh1, S. S. Tomar1, Sudhir Kumar2, Istya Dev1, Roop Kishore3 Prashant Singh1 and Vineet Kumar1
Performance, Uptake and Use Efficiency of Nutrients in Maize (Zea mays L.) and Mashbean (Vigna mungo L.) alongwith Microbiological Properties under Intercropping System in Alluvial Soil of India
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1233-1242 Jun 2015

Sangeetha Sundaramoorthy*, Archit Rastogi, Sathiavelu Mythili and Sathiavelu Arunachalam
Regulation of a-amylase Activity and Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Sprague-Dawley Male Rats by the Aqueous Extract of Andrographis paniculata
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1243-1245 Jun 2015

Ambika Verma*, Karuna Dhiman and Poonam Shirkot
Optimization for Laccase Production by Pseudomonas putida LUA15.1 using Response Surface Methodology
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1247-1256 Jun 2015

N. Rawat and G.K. Joshi*
Prospecting for Industrial Enzymes in a Hot Spring Metagenome
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1257-1261 Jun 2015

Devendra Singh1, Manjunatha B.S2, Sukumar Taria3 and Geeta Singh*
Optimization and Chemical Characterization of Exopolysaccharide produced by Pseudomonas sp. Isolated from Wheat Rhizosphere
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1263-1271 Jun 2015

Hamisu Ibrahim1, Neil Anthony Koorbanally1*, Deresh Ramjugernath2, Muhammad Dabai Bala1 and Vincent Onserio Nyamori1
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of Dicationic Triphenylphosphonium Organic Salts with a para xylene Bridge and Fluorinated Counter Anions
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1273-1280 Jun 2015

Balendu K. Upadhyay1, Sunil C. Dubey2,Ravindra Singh3 and Aradhika Tripathi1
Diversity Analysis and Comparison of ITS and SCAR Based Molecular Markers to Detect Rhizoctonia solani Using Conventional and Real-time PCR
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1281-1293 Jun 2015

M. Ashwini1*, Archana1, Shamarao Jahagirdar2, G.S. Geeta1 and Smita R. Babar1
Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria as Biocontrol against Colletotrichum musae
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1295-1299 Jun 2015

Norazah Mohammad Nawawi1,2, Siti Aqlima Ahmad1*, Mohd Yunus Shukor1, Mohd Arif Syed1 and Abdul Latif Ibrahim2
Immobilised Rhodococcal Cells: A Competent Approach for Phenol Degradation by Rhodococcus sp. NAM 81
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1301-1316 Jun 2015

Alija Baig*, Kamran Ahmad Chishti, Farhat Ali Khan and Zia ur Rahman
The Sterility Evaluation of New and Lab Reprocessed Pharmaceutical Disposable Syringes in Peshawar, KPK
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1317-1329 Jun 2015

Swathy Ramanujam, Harsih B.S, Preethi Jampala, Preethi Murugan and Kiran Babu Uppuluri*
Statistical Optimization of Prosopis juliflora Containing Medium for the Enhanced Production of Cellulase by Cellulomonas uda NCIM 2353
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1331-1338 Jun 2015

Zia ur Rahman*, Kamran Ahmad Chishti, Alija Baig, Farhat Ali Khan and Imran Khan
Study on Assessment of Sterility of Foley Catheters Used in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1339-1348 Jun 2015

R.K. Verma1, R.K. Joshi2, N. Joshi3 A. K. Gangwar4 and S. Shukla5
Study on Histopathological Changes Induced by Fowl Pox Virus (FPV) in Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) of Developing Chicken Embryo and Immunological Characterization of the Egg Adapted and Cell Culture Grown Virus
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1349-1354 Jun 2015

Y. Sireesha1*, Meena Sekhar2 and R. Velazhahan1
Metabolic Response of Downy Mildew Resistant and Susceptible Maize Genotypes to Peronosclerospora sorghi
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1355-1362 Jun 2015

H. Gurumurthy, A.N. Balakrishna, J. Hitendra, G.B. Santoshagowda and B.D. Narotham Prasad
Effect of Organic Manures and Fertilizers on Soil Chemical Properties
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1363-1369 Jun 2015

J. Helan Chandra* and M. Shamli
Antibacterial, Antioxidant and in Silico Study of Ipomoea aquatica Forsk
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1371-1376 Jun 2015

M. Divya1, B.L. Raghunandan1, C.D. Srikanth1 and K.R. Sreeramulu2
Effect of Different Fortified Formulations on Growth of Maize and Soybean Grown under Green House Condition
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1377-1381 Jun 2015

A. Garg, T. Saify, Gary Strobel, H. Kachchhava, R.T. Rowlands, N. Parikh, B.D. Patil and R. Srivastava
Activity Guided Optimization of Medium Components for Enhanced Production of Vinca Alkaloids by Endophyte
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1383-1388 Jun 2015

Hemlata1, Rakesh Rao2, Rajani Joshi2, Sunil Maherchandani3, Ashok Kumar Chaudhary4, Amit Kumar5 and Pushpa Kumari6
Enumeration and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus from Raw Chicken Meat Sold in Bikaner City
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1389-1394 Jun 2015

S. Gowri1, G.S. Anandha Mala2 and G. Mathivanan3
Classification of Breast Cancer Cells using Novel DPSC Algorithm
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1395-1400 Jun 2015

Fozia Shafiq Wani1, Latief Ahmad2, Tahir Ali1 and Andleeb Mushtaq1
Role of Microorganisms in Nutrient Mobilization and Soil Health - A Review
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1401-1410 Jun 2015

A.K. Priya1* and S. Nagan2
Remediation of Heavy Metals from Electroplating Effluent using Bacterial Strains in Up flow Immobilized Column Reactor
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1411-1416 Jun 2015

Shweta Chauhan, Chandrika Attri Seth and Amit Seth*
Bioprospecting Thermophilic Microorganisms from Hot Springs of Western Himalyas for Xylanase Production and its Statistical Optimization by Using Response Surface Methodology
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1417-1428 Jun 2015

Shreeshail Sonyal1, Arun Sataraddi2, V.B. Nargund2, V.I. Benagi2, Madhu S. Giri2, Anil Pappachan1 and Somaning Shankarannanavar2
Survey for Different Plant Parasitic Nematodes Association with Pomegranate Wilt Complex
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1429-1433 Jun 2015

Jangsher Ali Khan, Irfan Ahmad Mir, S.S. Soni and Sunil Maherchandani
A Study on Prevalence and Virulence Characterisation of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Isolated from Poultry and Related Environment in India
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1435-1440 Jun 2015

S. Miruthula and S. Sridhar*
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Crude Laccase Mediated Decolorization of Acid Red 131 Obtained by Growing A.niger over Limonia acidissima Shell as Solid Support
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1441-1446 Jun 2015

Naveen Minhas, Bharti and P.C. Sharma
Studies on Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR) among Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates and their Virulence Factors
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1447-1456 Jun 2015

N. Chitra1, B.K. Nayak and A. Nanda1
Volumetric Analysis of Concentration and Composition of Airborne Fungal Spores in a Working Environment with Meteorological Study
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1457-1464 Jun 2015

Sushil Kumar1, Rajeev Naik1*, Ravindra Satbhai1 and Hemant Patil2
Activity Profile of Defense Related Enzymes in Pearl Millet Against Downy Mildew (Sclerospora graminicola)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1465-1474 Jun 2015

K.N. Basavesha and V.P. Savalgi
Characterization and Evaluation of Bacterial Isolates Solubilizing both Potassium and Phosphorus from Different Rhizosphere Soil
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1475-1480 Jun 2015

Sonit Kumar1, Dalel Singh2*, Satguru Prasad Yadav1 and Rajendra Prasad1
Studies on Powdery Mildew of Rapeseed- Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum and Its Management
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1481-1486 Jun 2015

Ashok Kumar1, Ankit Kumar1, Ashish Dwivedi2*, B.P. Dhyani1, U. P. Shahi1, R. S. Sengar3, Adesh Singh2 and S. S. Tomar2
Production Potential, Nutrient Uptake and Factor Productivity of Scented Rice in Rice-wheat Cropping System Alongwith Physico-chemical and Microbiological Properties Under Site Specific Integrated Plant Nutrient Management
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1487-1497 Jun 2015

G.B. Santoshagowda, H. Gurumurthy, Pampangouda and A. Anantha Rama
Study of Different Organic Manures on Soil Microbial Activity, Growth and Yield Parameters of Greengram (Vigna radiata L.)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1499-1503 Jun 2015

Neelam Geat*, Manjunatha B.S.1, Rajendra Prasad Meena2 and S.K. Khirbat3
Salicylic Acid as Inducer of Resistance against Chilli Fruit Rot Pathogen Colletotrichum capsici
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1505-1509 Jun 2015

Sathish Sundararaman*, D. Joshua Amarnath, S. Sivasubramanian
Evaluation of Kinetic Pathway for the Biodegradation of Congo red using Asperigillus species and Optimization of Physiochemical Parameters by Response Surface Methodology
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1511-1522 Jun 2015

Ramadevi Mohan and Subhashree Sankar*
In silico Identification of Potent Platelet-aggregation Inhibitors for Clumping Factor-A of Staphylococcus aureus
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1523-1529 Jun 2015

Shubham B. Deshmukh1*, Sujit K. Bishi2 and Dinesh N. Vakharia1
Pseudomonas fluorescens Modulate In-vitro lytic Enzyme Production and Inhibit the Growth of Collar Rot Pathogen (Aspergillus niger) in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1531-1538 Jun 2015

Rahul Yadav1*, Sandeep Kumar Sharma2, Jyotika Yadav3, Sneha Chaudhary1 and Anil Kumar Kataria1
Profiling of Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus Obtained from Mastitic Milk of Cattle and Buffalo
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1539-1544 Jun 2015

Anandi Kavimandan
A Multidimensional Approach to Enterococcus faecalis
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1545-1572 Jun 2015

Mukesh R. Pimpliskar and Rahul N. Jadhav
Study on Bioactive Property of Marine Bacteria Isolated from Soil Sediment along Vasai Coast
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1573-1577 Jun 2015

S. Shubha1, Shivaleela2, A. Anantha Rama3 and Suma C. Kammar1
Studies on Development of Cost Effective Entomopathogenic Fungal Biopesticides for Sustainable Agriculture
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1579-1582 Jun 2015

S. Umamaheswari* and M. Murali
Potential of Soil Fungi (Penicillium sp.,) to Form Biofilm on Polyethylene Terephthalate Surface
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1583-1586 Jun 2015

Satendra Singh1, Sudha Kumari Yadav1, Pallavi Mishra1, Ranjeet Maurya1, Viswanath Rana1, Arvind Kumar Yadav1, Anamika Singh2, Gurudayal Ram3 and Pramod W. Ramteke4
Comparative Analysis of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) Deaminase in Selected Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1587-1596 Jun 2015

Navprabhjot Kaur1 and Poonam Sharma2
Studies on Factors Affecting Root Colonization of Root and Nodule Endophytic Bacteria from Mungbean Rhizosphere
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1597-1609 Jun 2015

Omar Ahmed Omar Amar1, Harish Kumar Bajaj1, Jyotsna K. Peter2 and Harison Masih2*
Toxoplasmosis Prevalence in Pregnant Women of Plain Gangetic Region, Allahabad
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1611-1619 Jun 2015

Kinjal P. Prajapati and Prateek Shilpkar*
Changes in Enzymatic Activity and Microbial Count During Vermicomposting of Solanum melongena Stem
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1621-1626 Jun 2015

Awtar Singh, A. P. Singh, S.K. Singh and C.M. Singh
Effect of Biochar Along with Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) on Growth and Total Dry Matter Yield of Rice
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1627-1632 Jun 2015

Mohini Prabha Singh, Ravinder Kumar Jaswal and Harpreet Singh Sodhi
Evaluation of Agaricus bisporus Lange (Sing.) Strains and their Steeping for Improved Shelf life
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1633-1640 Jun 2015

H.M. Sherathiya, V.J. Jadeja, B.J. Malviya and G.J. Mehta
Isolation and Characterization of Anti Pathogenic Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Cotton Rhizosphere
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1641-1649 Jun 2015

J. Malviya Bipin, V.J. Jadeja and H.M. Sherathiya*
Isolation and Characterization of Chlorpyrifos Degrading Bacteria from Chlorpyrifos Contaminated Soil
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1651-1655 Jun 2015

Arvind, G. Kandeepan, Ravikant Agarwal and M.R. Vishnuraj
Antimicrobial Effect of Oregano and Thyme Essential Oils Coated Carrageenan Based Edible Film
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1657-1663 Jun 2015

D.M. Patel, M.R. Patel, H.K. Patel, R.B. Prajapati and S.A. Chauhan
Response of Different Levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium on Yield and Quality of Isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk.)
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1665-1669 Jun 2015

R. Rajkamal and S. Mohanram
Measurement of Blood Glucose Using the Behavior of Fluorescence in Human Epidermis
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1671-1674 Jun 2015

Tauseef A Bhat, Latief Ahmad, Monzoor A Ganai, Shams-Ul-Haq and Owais A. Khan
Nitrogen Fixing Biofertilizers; Mechanism and Growth Promotion: A Review
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1675-1690 Jun 2015

Hemavathi, Pooja Sarmah*, Poornima Shenoy and Sharvani
Outbreak of Neonatal Septicemia by Klebsiella Species in NICU
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1691-1695 Jun 2015

S. Pattnaik, S. Parida, S.P. Mishra, J. Dash and S.M. Samantray*
Control of Phytopathogens with Application of Vermiwash
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1697-1701 Jun 2015

Ajay Kumar
Polyphasic Characterization of Microbial Community from the Surface of Brassica oleracea (Cabbage) Head
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1703-1713 Jun 2015

H. Arun Kumar1, K. Pradeep Kumar, H.C. Swathi, C. Doreswamy and S.B. Nagaraj2
Effect of Feeding Mulberry Leaves Raised In Intercropping with Legumes on Silkworm Bombyx mori L.
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1715-1718 Jun 2015

Bhupendra Kumar1, B.L. Uikey1, S.K. Gharde2 and P.K. Pal1
Field Efficacy of Some Novel Insecticides on Sucking Pests of Brinjal
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1719-1723 Jun 2015

Hemlata1#, Rakesh Rao2, Sunil Maherchandani3, Rajani Joshi4, Gagandeep Singh4, Ashok Kumar Chaudhary5 and Amit Kumar6
Enumeration and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of S. aureus from Raw Chevon Meat Sold in Bikaner City
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1725-1730 Jun 2015

M.G. Usha, Upasana Bora and G. Vishwanath
Respiratory Diphtheria: A Case Report
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1731-1732 Jun 2015

Madhu S. Giri, V.I. Benagi and V.B. Nargund
Cultural Characterization, Biochemical Profiling and PCR Based Assay for the Detection of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae, Causing Bacterial Blight of Pomegranate
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1733-1739 Jun 2015

Kanchan Jangir, B.N. Shringi, Mukesh Beriwal, Ramhari Meena, Sunil Maherchandani and S.K. Kashyap
Multiple Antibiotic Resistance (MAR) Index of Enterococcal Isolates Isolated from Healthy Poultry Faeces in Bikaner Region
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1741-1745 Jun 2015

Hamid Reza Ghorbani*?, Roya Rashidi?
Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Reduction Technique
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1747-1749 Jun 2015

Mathi Priyalaxmi1, Athiappan Murugan2*, Srinivasan Ramesh1 and Ponnusamy3
Efficiency of Oil Degrading Marine Bacteria
Volume 9 No. 2 Page No. 1751-1756 Jun 2015

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