Current Issue

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 9 No. 3, Sep 2015

A.L. Chew*, F. S. Ang and S.Y. Khaw
Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous as a New Source of Enzymes and its Enzymatic Potential in Non-Carotenoid Related Applications
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1767-1778 Sep 2015

Hailli Li, Limin Lang, Wenqiang Jiao, Wenhao Zhu, Keling Wang* and Zhaoxue Xu
Establishment and Application of the Method of Molecular Diagnostic of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1779-1782 Sep 2015

Huayi Huang, Dimei Yu, Yan Sun and Chengming Tian
Optimization of Medium to Improve the Antifungal Activity of Bacillus atrophaeus XW2 using Response Surface Methodology
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1783-1792 Sep 2015

Kejun Li1*, Haina Wang2 and Ruiping Zhang1
qPCR detection of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Phage in the CoQ10 Production
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1793-1796 Sep 2015

Nurul Wahida Shokhimi1, Khalilah Abdul Khalil1*, Shuhaimi Mustafa3, Farzini Yusha1, Mizanurfakhri Ghazali1, Mazatulikhma Mat Zain2 and Maslinda Musa1
Optimization of Time and pH Condition for Cell Autoaggregation of Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum KAKii Using FCCD-Response Surface Methodology
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1797-1803 Sep 2015

Safaa Y. Qusti* and Ebtisam Al-Sulami
Selenium – Induced Protection against Citrinin Nephrotoxicity Associated with the Use of Contaminated Dry Black Lemon Extracts in Male Rats
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1805-1816 Sep 2015

Bahareh Rahimian Zarif
Identification of Proteins with 2 Dimensional Electrophoresis (2DE) and Mass Spectrometry in Native Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with High Yield Bioethanol Production after Random Mutagenesis
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1817-1823 Sep 2015

Ali Asgari1, Elahe Akbarifar2, Adel Hamidi3 and Majid Moghbeli2*
Isolation of Vi Antigen of Salmonella typhi by a Simple Method and its Immunization Evaluation in Animal Model
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1825-1830 Sep 2015

T.A.Tewfike1* and M.H. Yassin2
Biodiversity Analysis of four Streptomyces spp. Isolates Habitat in Soils
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1831-1838 Sep 2015

Maisa R.P. Araujo1†, Suzana G. Araujo1†, Paulo O. Martins-Junior1†, Elida C.G. da Mata1†, Anderson L.P. Costa2†, Sergio P.S.S. Diniz3†, Jurema S.A. Dias4†, Virginia S. Alvares4†, Rogerio E. Hanada5† and Luís I.B. Kanzaki1†*
Aerobic and Facultative Bacterial Community of Fruits and Seeds of Bertholletia excelsa, “Castanha-do-Para”, Collected in the Amazon Forest
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1839-1846 Sep 2015

Nader A. Ashmawy1, Nagia M. Jadalla1,2, Alia A. Shoeib1 and Ahmed F. El-Bebany1,3
Identification and Genetic Characterization of Pectobacterium spp. and Related Enterobacteriaceae Causing Potato Soft Rot Diseases in Egypt
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1847-1858 Sep 2015

Eman A. El-Masry1, Elham T. Awad1 and Mohamed H. Yassin2*
Antibiotic Resistance, Molecular typing, Biofilm Formation in Enterococcai Isolates Causing Urinary Tract Infection
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1859-1866 Sep 2015

Yifeng Wang
The Dynamic Relationship between Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth in China
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1867-1874 Sep 2015

Haiming Tang*, Xiaoping Xiao, Ke Wang, Lijun Guo, Jie Liu, Weiyan Li and Jimin Sun
Diversity and Composition of Methanotrophs in Chinese Paddy Soil as Affected by Different Long?term Fertilizer Managements
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1875-1886 Sep 2015

Qingzhi Ma1#, Shengbo Ge1#, Xun Yan1, Dangquan Zhang1*, Yuzo Furuta2* and Heping Deng1*
Powder Adsorption Characteristics of Antibacterial Bamboo Charcoal during Enhancing Activity against Bacteria Transmit
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1887-1891 Sep 2015

Rui-Lin He, Zi-Xiang Chen, Qing-Qing Zhao and Zhong-Feng Zhang*
Bonding Strength Characteristics of Antibacterial PF/Wood Bioboard from Vitex negundo
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1893-1898 Sep 2015

Xu Zhao-Yang , Zhou Feng, Bai Ting-Chun, Meng Tao and Pang Yi-shan
Study on Bioremediation using Iron bacteria for Artificially Polluted Soil with Heavy Metals Cd2+ or Cr3+
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1899-1905 Sep 2015

Sheng-Bo GE1#, Tao Jiang3,4#, Lishu Wang1, Wan-Xi PENG1,2*, Dong-Li LI1 and Yuzo Furuta2*
TD-GC-MS Analysis on Antibacterial and Safety Characteristics of Volatiles from Bamboo during Cavitation, Carbonization and Activation for Public Health
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1907-1912 Sep 2015

Wanxi Peng1, Zhi Lin1, Lishu Wang1 and Jianguo Wu3
Effect of Weakly Alkaline Salt Pretreatment on Bio-Boards for Medicine Safety
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1913-1917 Sep 2015

Esam O. Al-Wesabi1,2,3*, Osama A. Abu Zinadah1 , Talal A. Zari1 and Zaki M. Al-Hasawi1
Histological Comparison of Some Fish Tissue as Biomarker to Evaluate Water Quality from the Red Sea Coast, Jeddah Governorate
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1919-1926 Sep 2015

Ziab Zakey Al-ahmadey
Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Enterobacteriaece from various Clinical Isolates in Al-ansar Hospital, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1927-1932 Sep 2015

Malak M. EL-Hazmi
Bacteriological Profile of Diabetic Foot Infections in a Teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1933-1942 Sep 2015

Akylbek Tussupkaliyev, Assembay Salamat, Nurlan Zhubanyshev, Dinara Bokenbay and Nurbek Isbussinov
Influence of Genital Infection on Fetoplacental Complex
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1943-1950 Sep 2015

Victoria-Arellano A.D.1, Guzman-Plazola R.A.1, Zavaleta-Mejía E.1 and Romero-Arenas O.2*
Biological Control of Phytophthora capsici by Native Trichoderma of the Rhizosphere of Serrano Pepper, In vitro
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1951-1955 Sep 2015

Ahmed Hossam Mahmoud
Polymorphisms at Exon 4 of the Prolactin Gene in Najdi and Naeimi Sheep of Saudi Arabia
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1957-1962 Sep 2015

Mohd Alaraj
Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Infection Factors in Aetiophathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1963-1970 Sep 2015

Rui-lin He, Zi-xiang Chen, Ji-juan Zhang and Zhong-feng Zhang*
TD-GC-MS Analysis on Antimicrobial Properties of Vitex negundo Wood/PF Bio Composites for Drug Store
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1971-1977 Sep 2015

Kaizar Hossain1, Norli Ismail1*, Mohd Rafatullah1, Shlrene Quaik1, Mohammed Nasir2, Maruthi A.Y.3 and Rameeja Shaik4
Bioremediation of Textile Effluent with Membrane Bioreactor Using the White-rot Fungus Coriolus versicolor
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1979-1986 Sep 2015

Sharareh Nasr1, Payam Najafi2, Fariborz Abbasi3, Seyyed Hassan Tabatabaiaei4 and Elham Chavoshi5
Investigation of Effects of Irrigation Thorough Wastewater on Coliform Accumulation and Anions Leaching Concentrations
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1987-1992 Sep 2015

Yasser Shahbazi
Antilisterial Effects of Ziziphora clinopodioides Essential Oil and Nisin in Milk
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 1993-1999 Sep 2015

Nader Saki1, Vita Darakhshandeh1, Somayeh Araghi2, Sara Lotfi2 and Soheila Nikakhlagh1*
Assessment of Association Between ABO Blood Groups and Laryngeal Cancer Among Iranian Population
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2001-2003 Sep 2015

Roohangize Nashibi1, Sasan Mogehi1, Hamid Seidi-Nejad2* and Farokh Izadpour2
Determining Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of the Bacteria Isolated from Urine Samples of Patients Attending Imam Khomeini Hospital in the City of Ahvaz, Iran in 2013
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2005-2010 Sep 2015

Ekaterina Rudenko1, Valentin Piontkovsky1 and Gediminas Pridotkas2
Epizootic State on Leucosis of Cattle, The Perspective Directions of its Prevention and Measures of Fight in Kazakhstan and Kostanay Region
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2011-2016 Sep 2015

Luis Galdino Garcia-Perez1, Clara Ivette Rincon-Molina2, Victor Manuel Ruiz-Valdiviezo2, Federico Antonio Gutierrez-Miceli2, Nestor Hugo Cruz-Perez2, Juan Jose Villalobos Maldonado2 and Reiner Rincon-Rosales2*
Potential of Rhizobium Strains Isolated from Agave americana L. as Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2017-2024 Sep 2015

Arnoldo Wong-Villarreal1*, Fernando Kante-Lopez1, Ana L. Reyes-Reyes2, Ricardo Sanchez-Cruz1, Antonio De Leon-Martinez1, Gustavo Yanez-Ocampo3, Saul Espinosa-Zaragoza4, Orlando Lopez-Baez5 and Nancy S. Hernandez-Bueno6
Identification of Bacteria from the Rhizosphere of Jatropha curcas with Characteristics of Biotechnological Interest
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2025-2032 Sep 2015

Amaro Leal J.L.1, Romero-Arenas O.2*, Rivera A.3, Huerta L.M.4 and Reyes E.5
Effect of the Formulation of Seaweed (Porphyra umbilical R.) in Biopreparations based on Trichoderma harzianum Rifai
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2033-2040 Sep 2015

Elena V. Kukhar1, Ainur M. Sharipova1 and Alexander B. Shevtsov2
Identification of Dermatomycoses Pathogens by Multilocus Sequence Typing Method
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2041-2047 Sep 2015

Loyola MartInez Ibraim Ignacio1, Escamilla Violante Regina1, Toribio Jimenez Jeiry2, Salas Casas Andres3, Agis Juarez Raul Azael3, Reynoso Vazquez Josefina4 and Ruvalcaba Ledezma Jesus Carlos5*
Factors Associated with the Rejection of the Vaccine against Human Influenza AH1N1
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2049-2057 Sep 2015

Hadi Radnezhad1*, Forogh Mortazaeinezhad2, Ali Asghar Naghipour3, Behzad Behtari4 and Maryam Foroughi Abari1
Evaluation of Drought Resistance and Yield in PGPR-Primed Seeds of Festuca arundinacea Schreb under Different Levels of Osmotic Potential and Field Capacity
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2059-2068 Sep 2015

Jie-Ming Qin, Dang-Quan Zhang*, Fang-Yuan Wu, Han-Jie He, Rong Chen and Xiao-Lei Zhang
High-Efficient Regeneration and Transplanting for Industrialized Seedling Production of Biomedical Dendrobium officinale
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2069-2076 Sep 2015

Somayeh Karimi*, Ghodratollah Saeidi, Ahmad Arzani, Hajar Amini and Foroozan Bahrami
Microsatellite Markers Variation and Seed Oil Composition of Some Safflower Genotypes Differing in Salt Tolerance
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2077-2086 Sep 2015

Fatemeh Ashrafi1*, Mohammad Reza Masoumian2, Ramin Fallahzadeh3 and Mohammad D. Ghafari4
Immunization of Balb/C mice by Uropathogenic E.coli Recombinant PapG.AcmA Protein
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2087-2093 Sep 2015

Mohammed Nasir1, Othman Sulaiman1*, Rokiah Hashim1, Kaizar Hossain2, Arun Gupta3 and Mohd Asim4
Rubberwood Fiber Treatment by Laccase Enzyme and Its Application In Medium Density Fiberboard
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2095-2100 Sep 2015

Hesamedin Ramezani1* and Sasan Ghasemi2
Response of Rhizoctonia solani Growth on Different Abiotic Factors
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2101-2104 Sep 2015

Hatef Movasagh Ahmadi and Ebrahim Fataei*
The Feasibility of Using the Aerobic-Anaerobic Bioreactor (Microbiological Processes) Sludge of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Tabriz for Agricultural Purpose
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2105-2113 Sep 2015

A. Rivera* and L. Cedillo
Mycoplasmas and Nucleases
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2115-2125 Sep 2015

Nader Saki1, Hossein Baba-Ahmadi2, Mahyar Maleki3*, Abass Dinarvand2 and Soheila Nikakhlagh1
Serum Level of Nitric Oxide in Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion, Chronic Otitis Media, and Healthy Subjects
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2127-2130 Sep 2015

Pouran Fataei and Ebrahim Fataei*
Defining the most Convenient Coagulant for Microbiological Pollution and Turbidity Removal in Ardabil’s Water Treatment Plant
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2131-2136 Sep 2015

Fatma Kesmez Can1, Emine Parlak2*, Abdullah Can3 and Mehmet Parlak4
The Relationship Between Tumor Necrosis Factor Alfa Level and Hepatic Activity Index in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2137-2144 Sep 2015

Uzma Waheed* and Shagufta Naz
Analysis of Nutritional Quality of Peach to Increase Shelf Life by using Gamma Radiation (COBALT-60)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2145-2152 Sep 2015

Ebrahim Fataei1*, Saeid Varamesh2 and Seiied Taghi Seiied Safavian2
Microbiological Pools of Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus under Exotic Tree Plantations in the Degraded Grasslands of Iran
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2153-2164 Sep 2015

Hazrat Wahab¹, Tilawat Khan², Iftikhar Ahmad³, Arif Jan³, Muhammad Younas³, Hussain Shah³, Naser M. AbdEl-Salam4, Sultan Ayaz5, Riaz Ullah6 and Mohammad A. Wasim7
Detection of H. pylori By PCR Method using UreA and UreC Gene in Gastric Biopsy Sample
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2165-2174 Sep 2015

Patchanee Yasurin* and Sasiwan Piya-Isarakul
In-vitro Antibacterial Activity Screening of Herb Extracts against Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria from Thailand
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2175-2184 Sep 2015

Farnaz Mehrzad1, Ebrahim Fataei1*, Somaye Naji Rad2 and Ali Akbar Imani3
The Investigation of Nutrient Addition Impact on Bioremediation Capability of Gasoil by Alcaligenes faecalis
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2185-2191 Sep 2015

G. Kashi* and Sh. Aliannejad
Optimization Electrophotocatalytic Removal of Streptococcus faecalis from Water by Taguchi Model
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2193-2202 Sep 2015

Hadi Radnezhad1*, Shayan Khalili Arjaqy2, Forogh Mortazaeinezhad3, Maryam Foroughi Abari1 and Masoumeh Sadeghi1
The Impact of the Baker’s Yeast and Whey Catalysts to Improvement of Employing Organic Solid Waste in Vermicomposting Technology
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2203-2210 Sep 2015

Mahmoud Nouri Mashiran1 and Ebrahim Fataei2*
Investigation of Physico-chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Urban Wastewater For Use in Agricultural Production
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2211-2216 Sep 2015

Wenting Du1a, Lei Bi1a, Ziying Geng1, Guan’e Yang1*, Qingshan Li1 and Zhaoming Zhang2
Lycium barbarum Formula Biotransformed by Rhodopseudomonas palustris Promoted Lead Removing and Anti-Oxidative Damage in Lead-Susceptible Tissues of Lead-Exposed Mice
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2217-2227 Sep 2015

Ameni Telmoudi* and Mnasser Hassouna
Microbiological Quality of Fresh Iceberg Lettuce Harvested in Tunisia
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2229-2236 Sep 2015

Zhi Lin1, Wan-Xi Peng1,2*, Sheng-Bo Ge1, Dong-Li Li1 and Yuzo Furuta2*
Structure Characteristics of Oxidation Pretreated Fiber and Biochemically Binded Boards against Gravida Abortion
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2237-2242 Sep 2015

Gulmira Kalihanovna Murzakaeva1, Valentin Ivanovich Piontkovsky1 and Gediminas Pridotkas2
Epizootic and Epidemiological Situation, Prevention and Measures of Fight Against Rabies of Animals in Kazakhstan and in Kostanay Region
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2243-2249 Sep 2015

Tanedjeu Sonfack Kemgang1,2*, Huguette Gaelle Ngassa Mbenda3, Suman Kapila1 and Rajeev Kapila1
Purification of PCR Products Using Bandstab PCR Method: Application to Short 16s-23s Intergenic Spacer Region of Lactobacillus Spp
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2251-2254 Sep 2015

Narinder Singh1*, Moumita Ghosh1, Daljeet Singh1, Shiveta Raina1 and Ahmed Ibrahim A.I. Heflish2
Antagonistic Activity of Indigenous Strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens Against Fungal Plant Pathogens
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2255-2262 Sep 2015

Suvarna Joshi1, Ritwik Dahake2, Vidushi Chitalia1, Shashikant Vaidya1 and Abhay Chowdhary2
Molecular Diagnosis of Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates in and around Mumbai
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2263-2270 Sep 2015

D. Ashwini1 and S.P. Tiwari2
Use of CTAB Method for Isolation of Good Quality and Quantity of DNA
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2271-2274 Sep 2015

Sheetal Rana1, Ranjna Sharma1, Y.P. Sharma2 and Mohinder Kaur3
Isolation and Characterization of Novel Apple Rhizosphere Bacterium as Fungal Antagonist
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2275-2279 Sep 2015

Sandeep Singh and Harison Masih
Isolation of Keratinolytic Bacteria from Soil for the Bioconversion of the Poultry Feather Waste
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2281-2284 Sep 2015

R. Shome*, K. Triveni, B.S. Padmashree, Swati Sahay, N. Krithiga, B.R. Shome, P. Krishnamoorthy and H. Rahman
Spatial Distribution of Brucellosis in Small Ruminants of India using Indigenously Developed ELISA Kit
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2285-2291 Sep 2015

Barun Manjhee1, Sumita Pal2,3, Alvina Farooqui3, H.B. Singh2, Sunita Kumari Meena1, Indra Bahadur Maurya1 and Amitava Rakshit1
Mycorrhizoremediation of Cadmium and Nickel in Peri Urban Soil of Varanasi
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2293-2302 Sep 2015

Anudurga Gajendiran and Jayanthi Abraham*
Degradation of Monocrotophos by Aspergillus oryzae SJA1 isolated from Oryza sativa Field Soil
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2303-2311 Sep 2015

B. Srinivas1, B. Aruna Sree2, Uma Prasad3 and Bandaru Narasinga Rao4
A Prevalence and Antibiogram of Methicillin Sensitive and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Rural and Urban Setup
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2313-2319 Sep 2015

S.K. Mondal, D.P. Samantaray* and B.B. Mishra
Optimization of Pigment Production by a Novel Bacillus sp. BBMRH Isolated from Cow Dung
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2321-2326 Sep 2015

Manishi Singh1, Manika Singh2, Surya Tiwari3 and M.P. Singh4
Effect of Exchange Transfusion in Biochemical Parameters in Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2327-2331 Sep 2015

P.K. Dhakad, Ram Chandra, M.K. Yadav and Usha R. Patar
Comparative Study on Growth Parameters and Yield Potential of Five Strains of Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2333-2337 Sep 2015

Thirumurugan Ravibalan1,2, Antony V. Samrot2, Kathirvel Maruthai1, Vallayyachari Kommoju1, Surendar Kesavan1 and Muthuraj Muthaiah1*
Evaluation of Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for the Detection of katG (S315T) gene Mutation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates from Puducherry, South India
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2339-2345 Sep 2015

H.M. Sherathiya, V.J. Jadeja, G.J. Mehta and B.J. Malviya
Isolation of Antipathogenic Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria and their Characterization for Plant Growth Promoting Activities
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2347-2359 Sep 2015

D. Durgadevi*, S. Harish, D. Alice and T. Raguchander
Bioprospecting and Antifungal Potential of Novel Endophytic Bacillus in Rice against Sheath Blight Disease Incited By Rhizoctonia solani
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2361-2372 Sep 2015

J.R. Parvathi and S. Singh*
Facile Approaches for Microbial DNA Extraction: Comparative Study with Colonies “Picked” from three Different Bacteriological Mediums
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2373-2378 Sep 2015

Harish D. Ramachandra1*, Arvind K. Singh1, Shishir K. Gupta1, Madhu C. Lingaraju2, Goravanahalli M. Vidyalakshmi4, Aditya P. Sahoo1, G. Ravikumar1 and Ashok K. Tiwari3
Matrix Metallo Proteinases Activities in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea Induced Mammary Tumour in Wistar Rats
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2379-2384 Sep 2015

Smita R. Babar*, Sachin A. More and P.U. Krishnaraj
Cloning and Expression of Variant chiA from Native Serratia marcescens AUDS227
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2385-2390 Sep 2015

C.Chellaram1* and M. Mark Praveen2
Molecular Characterization of Antagonistic Bacteria, Pseudomonas otitidis from Insect gut, Short horned Grasshopper
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2391-2395 Sep 2015

D. Nancy VeenaKumari, T.B. Sridharan and Mohana Priya Arumugam
Isolation, Identification, Characterisation and In silico Analysis of Pseudomonas stutzeri VITNR-1 from Amirthi Forest Soil, India
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2397-2403 Sep 2015

Gaurav Kumar Taggar*, Veena Khanna, Akhil Malhotra and Monika Gupta
Field Efficacy and Molecular Characterization of Native Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates against Blister Beetle, Mylabris pustulata (Thunberg) (Coleoptera: Meloidae) in Pigeonpea
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2405-2410 Sep 2015

Thiruvengadam Subramaniyan1* and Mazher Sultana2
Seroepidemiological Review of Leptospitosis and its Co- Infection Between 2007 to 2009 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - A Doctoral Thesis Report
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2411-2418 Sep 2015

Sanjay Kumar Sarkar and Debadatta Dhar (Chanda)
Prevalence of Nonfermenters in Pyogenic Infections with Antimicrobial Profile
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2419-2424 Sep 2015

Kamble Nitin Machindra, S. Aravind, Sanjeev Kumar Shukla, Khulape Sagar Ashok, Sohini Dey and C. Madhan Mohan*
Membrane and Envelope Gene Sequence Analysis and Characterization of an Indian Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus Vaccine Strain
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2425-2428 Sep 2015

Disheeta L. Akbari*, B. A. Golakiya and Roshani A. Bhadania
Molecular Identification of Drought Tolerant Endophytic Bacteria from Grasses of Kutch by Sequencing of the 16s rRNA Coding Gene
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2429-2433 Sep 2015

H.B. Manoj Kumar*1, K.M. Harini Kumar1, S.B. Yogananda2, H.V. Vijay Kumar Swamy1, T.E. Nagaraja2, S.V. Sunil Kumar3 and Ningaraj Dalawai1
Isolation and Characterization of Yeast Strains for Bio-ethanol Production
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2435-2440 Sep 2015

Sonali Priyadarshini* and Pratima Ray
Screening of Alkalitolerant Bacteria for Alkaline Enzymes and Amylase Production by Submerged Fermentation
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2441-2450 Sep 2015

Harish D. Ramachandra1*, Arvind K. Singh1, Shishir K. Gupta1, Madhu C. Lingaraju2, Goravanahalli M. Vidyalakshmi3, Aditya P. Sahoo1, G. Ravikumar1 and Ashok K. Tiwari4
Identification of Mammary Tumour Homing Peptides by In vivo Biopanning using Phage Display Library
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2451-2458 Sep 2015

C. Chellaram1* and A. Alex John2
Insecticidal Activity of an Epibiotic Bacillus kochii from Gorgonian Coral, Junceella juncea (Pallas, 1766)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2459-2464 Sep 2015

P.B. Sridevi, N. Parthasarathy, N. Parthasarathy, S. Thiruvengadam and D. Sridhar
Isolation and Optimization of Proteolytic and Lipolytic Bacteria from Dairy Effluent
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2465-2470 Sep 2015

Abhishek1, R.K. Agarwal1, B. Kumar2, A.K. Mishra3, Anjay4, A. Priyadarshini1, S. Kumar1, C. Prakash1, J.K. Chaudhary5 and M. Rawat6
Therapeutic Efficacy of Lytic Bacteriophage PSAE-1 against Salmonella Abortusequi in Guinea Pig Model
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2471-2477 Sep 2015

V. Chandra Sekhar, T. Prameeladevi and Deeba Kamil
A Combined Morpho-Molecular Approach towards Identification of Chaetomium Species of India
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2479-2490 Sep 2015

R.A. Bhadania, B.A. Golakiya, D.L. Akbari, M.V. Parakhia and H.N. Bhalani
Draft Genome Sequence of the Endophytic Bacterium Providencia rettgeri MR4 Isolated from Abuliton indicum- A Salt Tolerant Plant
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2491-2493 Sep 2015

Jangsher Ali Khan, Irfan Ahmad Mir, S.S. Soni and Sunil Maherchandani
Antibiogram and Multiple Antibiotic Resistance index of Salmonella enterica isolates from Poultry
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2495-2500 Sep 2015

Velayutham Ramakrishnan and Siva Ganesh Elango
High Performance and Efficient Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor Network with Non-linear S-box Using AES-CCMP
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2501-2507 Sep 2015

Jigyasa Rana* and B.S. Dhote
Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on Small Intestine of the Post-Hatch Uttara fowl
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2509-2512 Sep 2015

Pravin Khambalkar1* and Raghupathi Sridar2
A Novel Multifunctional Burkholderia sp. for Plant Growth Promotion
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2513-2521 Sep 2015

Narasimha Murthy Konappa1, Malini Maria1, Savitha Janakiraman1, Soumya Krishnamurthy1, Siddapura Ramachandrappa Niranjana2 and Srinivas Chowdappa1
Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. tolerans a Novel Bacteriocin Producing Bacteria for Control of Tomato Bacterial Wilt
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2523-2532 Sep 2015

Fozia Shafiq Wani1, Tahir Ali1 and Zahoor Ahmad Baba2
Isolation, Characterization and Screening of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2533-2538 Sep 2015

Dilruba A. Bano*, R.K. Singh, Showkat A. Waza and N.P. Singh
Effect of Cowpea Bradyrhizobium (RA-5) and Burkholderia cepacia (RRE-5) on Growth Parameters of Pigeonpea under Salt Stress Conditions
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2539-2545 Sep 2015

R. Devika* and Justin Koilpillai
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Bioactive Compounds of Tagetes erecta (Linn.) Flower Extract
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2547-2550 Sep 2015

V.K. Verma1*, R.N. Meena1, Gaurav1, R.K. Singh1 and I. Bahadur2
Does Various Crop Establishment Methods and Zn Sources Change Dynamics of Nutrient Uptake and Economics of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2551-2557 Sep 2015

Anand Sagar*, Shilpa Agnihotri and Kavita Thakur
Studies on Ultrastructure and Antibacterial Activity of Cantharellus cibarius Fr
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2559-2563 Sep 2015

P. Ramesh Kumar and Philomena George
Antidiabetic Effect of Sauropus androgynus L. Leaves in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Mice
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2565-2570 Sep 2015

Sunita Kumari1, L. K. Sharma1, Sandhya2* and Mukul2
Per Se Performance and Selection Indices over Irrigated and Limited Irrigation Conditions in Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2571-2578 Sep 2015

B. Meena* and K. Rajamani
Biological Control of Leaf Blight Disease in Gloriosa superba using Pseudomonas fluorescens
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2579-2586 Sep 2015

Shailesh Kumar Patel1, Jigyasa Rana2, Rakesh Kumar1 and B.V. Rami Reddy1
Histopathological Changes in Grossly Normal Caprine Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2587-2590` Sep 2015

M.E. Shilpa1, B. Latha1, G. Dakshayini1, H.M. Vikas2 and M. Srikantaiah1
Effect of Microbial Inoculants on Growth and Yield Parameters in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2591-2596 Sep 2015

H. Girija Bai1 , K.B. Naidu2 and G. Vasanth Kumar3
Computational Analysis of Blood Flow in Abdominal Aortic Artery Affected by Acute Stenosis
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2597-2610 Sep 2015

Niraj A. Ghanwate1, P.V. Thakare2, P.R. Bhise3 and Pradnya Pimparkar1
Doctor’s Pen: Fomite for a Super Bug Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2611-2614 Sep 2015

Nand Kishor Devanda, R.A. Patel* and H.K. Patel
Response of Irrigation and Sulphur on Growth and Yield of Semi-rabi Sesamum (Sesamum indicum L.)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2615-2618 Sep 2015

Disheeta L. Akbari*, B.A. Golakiya and Roshani A. Bhadania
Screening and Plant Growth Promoting Activity of Drought Tolerant Endophytic Bacteria Isolated from Wild Poaceae
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2619-2626 Sep 2015

Anjay1, Ashok Kumar1*, R.K. Agarwal2, T.P. Ramees1, Z.B. Dubal1, P. Kaushik3, M. Suman Kumar1, N.C. Dudhe1, A.A.P. Milton1, Abhishek2, B. Kumar4 and Shagufta Bi1
Molecular Typing of Salmonella Typhimurium and S. Enteritidis Serovars from Diverse Origin by ERIC-PCR
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2627-2634 Sep 2015

Saurabh Shrivastava1, Anil K. Singh1, Kshitij Chandel2, Ritu Gill3, Prativa K. Behara4 and N. Gopalan2*
A Systematic Approach for Optimization of Up-scaling the Expression and Kinetic Characterization of Recombinant Plasmodium falciparum Lactate Dehydrogenase (PfLDH) in E.coli
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2635-2646 Sep 2015

Dheeraj Pal and P.P. Goswami
Cloning and Expression of 16kDa Protein of Johne’s Disease as Diagnostic Antigen
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2647-2654 Sep 2015

Narayan Wagadre, H.K. Patel*, R.A. Patel and M.V. Patel
Response of Vermicompost and Phosphorus with and without PSB Inoculation on Summer Green Gram
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2655-2659 Sep 2015

Sejal K. Parmar, R.A. Patel and H.K. Patel
Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen on Growth and Yield of Rajma (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2661-2663 Sep 2015

Dheeraj Pal and P.P. Goswami
Cloning and Expression of 18.5kDa Protein of Johnes Disease as Diagnostic Antigen
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2665-2670 Sep 2015

Disheeta L. Akbari, B.A. Golkiya and Roshani A. Bhadania
Draft Genome Sequence of the Endophytic Bacterium Pantoea ananatis MR5 Isolated from Cenchrus biflorus- A Drought Tolerant Plant
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2673-2674 Sep 2015

S. Shalini Devi1, Y. Sreenivasulu and K.V. Bhaskara Rao
In vitro Antagonistic Activity of Trichoderma Isolates against Phytopathogenic Fungi Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (Sacc.)
Volume 9 No. 3 Page No. 2673-2680 Sep 2015

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