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Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 8 No. 1, Feb 2014

Song Yan1*, Xiukun Lin2, Xiaorui Chen3 and Shoutong Zhang1
Purification and Characterization of An Esterase from Halobacillus trueperi whb27
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 01-09 Feb 2014

Haibo Zhang3, Youshuang Zhu2, Yinglong Zhang4 and Feng Huang1*
Non-Mediated Oxidation of Non-Phenol Dye Methyl Red with Purified Laccase from Trametes hirsuta lg-9
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 11-19 Feb 2014

Surasak Siripornadulsil1,2, Thunyarat Sawangphon1 and Wilailak Siripornadulsil1,2*
Cloning and Expression of Alcohol Dehydrogenase I and II from the Ethanologenic Zymomonas mobilis in Escherichia coli and Potential for Bioethanol Production
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 21-30 Feb 2014

I Putu Parwata, Mukhamad Asyari and Rukman Hertadi*
Organic Solvent-Stable Lipase from Moderate Halophilic Bacteria Pseudomonas stutzeri Isolated from the Mud Crater of Bleduk Kuwu, Central Java, Indonesia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 31-40 Feb 2014

F.N. AL-Barakah1* and M.A.U. Mridha2
Status of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation by Sinorhizobium meliloti in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) under Field Conditions at AL-Kharj, Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 41-46 Feb 2014

Wang Yi-bin1,2, Liu Fang-ming1,2, Liang Qiang1,2, He Bi-juan3 and Miao Jin-lai1,2*
Low-temperature Degradation Mechanism Analysis of Petroleum Hydrocarbon-degrading Antarctic Psychrophilic Strains
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 47-53 Feb 2014

Lei Yang, Xiangguo Wang, Lanjie lei, Guangdong Zhang, Qin Xu, Jianpo Zhang, Chunnan Zhang, Jiao Yu, Pengfei Lin, Yaping Jin, Aihua Wang*
Construction of Eukaryotic Expression Vector of Main B. Melitensis S19 Outer Membrane Proteins
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 55-61 Feb 2014

Ji Hee Han1, Diby Paul2, Se Weon Lee1, Jin Woo Park1 and Kyung Seok Park1*
Aqueous Plant Extracts as Possible Quorum Sensing Inhibitory (QSI) Agents against Soft Rot caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum in Tobacco
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 63-68 Feb 2014

Ying Xia Li1,2, Bing Xue Dong2, Guo Xia Zheng3 and Feng Juan Zhao4
Isolation of Lipase-producing Marine Yeast and Characterization of Lipase in Immobilized and Free State
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 69-74 Feb 2014

Pratibha Sanjenbam, Mohankumar Thenmozhi and Krishnan Kannabiran*
In-Silico Molecular Docking Approach for the Study of Anti-asthmatic Activity of Compounds from Streptomyces sp. VITSTK7
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 75-80 Feb 2014

K.H.M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir1* and Mian Muhammad Awais2
Expression Profiles of Fungal Cytochrome P450 Genes: A Mini Review
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 81-87 Feb 2014

Swati Dahiya1 and Ankita Sharma2
Role of Probiotics as Therapeutics against Gastrointestinal Disorders
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 89-100 Feb 2014

Snezana Ivanovic1, Milan Z. Baltic2, Ksenija Nesic1, Miroslav Zujovic3, Jelena Ivanovic2 and Svetlana Vukovic1
Superficial Bacterial Contamination of Goats Carcasses
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 101-108 Feb 2014

S.M. Yakout1,2*
Review on the Bioremediation by Aspergillus niger
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 109-116 Feb 2014

Sung Kwon Park1, Chang Weon Choi2, Yoo Kyung Lee1, Park Jae Hyun3 and Selvaraj Arokiyaraj1*
Antimicrobial and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Cordia obliqua W. (Boraginaceae) Fruit Extracts
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 117-120 Feb 2014

Hoda Omar1, Elsayed A. Elsayed2,3, Ahmed A. Kenawy4,5, Mohamed A. Wadaan2 and Hesham A. El Enshasy5,6*
Effect of Cultivation Scale and Shear Stress on Cell Growth and Oxytetracycline Production by Streptomyces rimosus in Semi-Defined Medium
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 121-128 Feb 2014

Abeer R.M. Abd El- Aziz1*, Mohamed A. Mahmoud2 and Monira R. Al-Othman1
Survey of Aspergillus flavus in Some Nuts
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 129-139 Feb 2014

Ali-Hanan Alomari1*, Ali H. Bahkali1, Asran-Amal Abdel Mongy2, Basheer A. Al-Sum1 and Abdallah M. Elgorban1,2
Toxigenic Fungi Isolated from Dried Fruits: Detection of Aspergillus Toxins in Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 141-148 Feb 2014

M.H. Kabir1, M.M. Rashid2, M.R. Bhuiyan2, M.S. Mian2, M. Ashrafuzzaman4, M.Y. Rafii5,6 and M.A. Latif2,5*
Integrated Management of Alternaria Blight of Broccoli
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 149- 158 Feb 2014

A.A. Al-Askar1, Y.M. Rashad2 and W.M. Abdulkhair2
Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Potential of Selected Medicinal Plant Extracts Against Some Plant and Human Pathogens
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 159-168 Feb 2014

Ahmed Abdel-Megeed
Catabolic Pathway of Decane and Eicosane by P. frederiksbergensis
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 169-178 Feb 2014

J. Meenupriya1 and Thangaraj2
Optimization of Aspergillus terreus Mp1 for Xylanase Production and Application in Eco-friendly Bleaching Technology
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 179-183 Feb 2014

Walid Soufan1* and Mohmmad K. Okla2
Effect of Salt Stress on Germination, Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L. CV. Ghota-1)
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 185-194 Feb 2014

M.A. Elnaghy2, H.M.A. Abdelzaher1,2, M.A. Shoulkamy2,4 and S.R. Sayed2,3
Ecological Studies on Pythium Species Associated with Some Plants Rhizosphere in El-Minia, Egypt
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 195-204 Feb 2014

Mohamed Z.M. Salem1, Mohamed S. El-Shikh2 and Hayssam M. Ali2,3*
Fatty Acids Constituents of Wood from Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi using GC Analysis
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 205-209 Feb 2014

Khalil Ahmed Ismail1,2*, Hassouna Mohamed Salah El-Din1, Shaheen Maha Mohamed1, Abou Bakr Mohamed Abel Latif3 and Mashaly Ashraf Mohamed Ali4,5
Monitoring of Physical, Chemical, Microbial and Enzymatic Parameters during Composting of Municipal Solid Wastes: A Comparative Study
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 211-224 Feb 2014

Magda A. Gamil1, Zaki M. Eisa2, Saleh A. Eifan3 and Basheer A. Al-Sum3*
Prevalence of Dengue Fever in Jizan Area, Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 225-232 Feb 2014

Mohamed Z.M. Salem1, Ashraf A. Hatamleh2 and Hayssam M. Ali2,3*
Chemical Composition of Fatty Acids from the Air-dried Bark of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae)
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 233-237 Feb 2014

A.A. Al-Askar1, W.M. Abdulkhair2 and Y.M. Rashad2
Production, Purification and Optimization of Protease by Fusarium solani under Solid State Fermentation and Isolation of Protease Inhibitor Protein from Rumex vesicarius L
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 239-250 Feb 2014

Maged S. Ahmad1, Manal M. Yasser1 and Essam N. Sholkamy1,2*
Biosynthesis, Characterization and Biological Activates of Silver Nanoparticles by Streptomyces bikiniensis Strain Ess_amA-1
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 251-262 Feb 2014

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*
Fatty Acids and Lipids Biosynthesis in Yeast and Plants
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 263-272 Feb 2014

Mamoun Shadeed1, Mohammed S. AlMogbel1, Awdah Al-Hazimi2 and Ashfaque Hossain3*
Influence of Normal Human Serum on Production of Biofilm by Acinetobacter baumannii
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 273-278 Feb 2014

Abdul Aziz A. Al-Askar1, Khalid M. Ghoneem2, Abd El-Badea S. Ezzat3 and Wesam I.A. Saber4
Improving Growth and Productivity as well as Controlling Sclerotium rolfsii in Jerusalem Artichoke using Biotic and Abiotic Agents
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 279-291 Feb 2014

Enas N. Danial1,2* and Jehad M. Yousef1
Comparative Studies Between Zinc Oxide and Manganese Oxide Nano-Particle for their Antimicrobial Activities
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 293-300 Feb 2014

Mina Saadat1* and S.R. Mohammadi2
Inhibition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Formation on Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Coated Catheters and Glasses
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 301-305 Feb 2014

A.A. AL-Askar
Endophytic Streptomyces olivaceiscleroticus Endo-1: Biocontrol Agent and Growth Promoter of Wheat
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 307-317 Feb 2014

Mohammed A.M. Marie1, Krishnappa Lakshmana Gowda1*, Yazeed A Al-Sheikh1, James John2, Sangeetha Gopalkrishnan3, Cs. Pradeep1 and Khaled Homoud M. Dabwan1
Glycopeptide Resistance in Enterococci: Plasmid-mediated Resistance to Vancomycin and Teicoplanin in Enterococcus
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 319-322 Feb 2014

Madhumitha Balasubramani1, Jyotsna Lakshmi Kumar1, Nanduri Kameswara Rao2*, Neeru Sood1, Trupti Gokhale1, Somasundaram Rajeswari1, Makram Belhaj Fraj2 and Sanjeet Mishra3
Stress-Tolerance of Sinorhizobium spp. Nodulating Sesbania and Cowpea in Desert Soils
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 323-331 Feb 2014

M. Radhakrishnan1, R. Pazhanimurugan2, V. Gopikrishnan2, Vanaja Kumar1* and R. Balagurunathan2
Streptomyces sp D25 Isolated from Thar Desert Soil, Rajasthan producing Pigmented Antituberculosis Compound only in Solid Culture
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 333-337 Feb 2014

S. Rajagunalan*, Soni Doimari and D.K. Singh
Cloning, Expression and Purification of L7/L12 Ribosomal Gene of Brucella melitensis 16M
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 339-344 Feb 2014

Amani M.D. ElAhwany
Response of Oenococcus oeni PsuI to Extracted Phenolic Pigments from Apple Peels
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 345-352 Feb 2014

Babak Hosseintabar1, Mohammad Dadashbeiki2, Mehrdad Bouyeh1 and Alireza Seidavi1*
Is the Amount of L-carnitine and Methionine-Lysine Affect on the Microbial Flora of Broiler Cecum?
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 353-360 Feb 2014

A.R.M. Abd-El-Aziz1*, M.A. Mahmoud2 and M.R. Al-Othman1
Genetic Variability of Aflatoxigenic and Non-Aflatoxigenic A. flavus Isolates by using Aflatoxin Biosynthesis Genes
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 361-371 Feb 2014

Zhan Jin, Fangying Ji*, Xuan Xu, Qian Guo and Qi Li
Study on Three Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal Strains from a Low Carbon-Source Treatment System
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 373-378 Feb 2014

Essam J. Alyamani*, Mohamed A. Khiyami and Ryan Y. Booq
Acinetobacter baylyi Biofilm Formation Dependent Genes
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 379-382 Feb 2014

Abd El-Latif Hesham
New Safety and Rapid Method for Extraction of Genomic DNA from Bacteria and Yeast Strains Suitable for PCR Amplifications
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 383-388 Feb 2014

Asma A.Al-Huqail1, M.M. Ibrahim2,3, Maysa M.A. Hatata3 and Gehan A. Elgaaly1
Molecular Performance and Antioxidative Manners of Garden Cress under Heavy Metal Toxicity
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 389-396 Feb 2014

Mohammed Ali M Marie1*, K. Lakshmana Gowda1, C.S. Pradeep1, Abdulaziz H. Al-Hamidi and Khaled Homoud M. Dabwan1
Comparison of Different Methods for Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori Infection
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 397-402 Feb 2014

Sam Massahi1*, Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny2,3 and Mozhgan Emtiazjou1
Molecular Diagnosis of Microcystin-Producing Cyanobacteria of Anzali Lagoon
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 403-412 Feb 2014

Mehmet Nuri Aydogan* and Omer Faruk Algur
Solubilization of Mazidagi Rock Phosphate by Locally Isolated Aeromonas hydrophyla MFB-25
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 413-420 Feb 2014

Ebrahim Rahimi1*, Salar Yazdanpour2 and Farhad Safarpoor Dehkordi3
Detection of Toxoplasma gondii Antibodies in various Poultry Meat Samples using Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay and its Confirmation by Polymerase Chain Reaction
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 421-427 Feb 2014

`Robabeh Karimi Kivi1, Mohammad Dadashbeiki2 and Alireza Seidavi1*
Effects of Four Probiotics on the Gastrointestinal Microflora in Ostrich Chickens
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 429-434 Feb 2014

Ilkay Bozkurt1, Bilgehan Aygen2, Selma Gokahmetoglu3 and Orhan Yildiz2
Hepatitis C and Occult Hepatitis C Infection Among Hemodialysis Patients from Central Anatolia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 435-440 Feb 2014

Esra Deniz Candan1, Neslihan Idil1, Abbas Yousefi Rad2 and Nil?fer Aks?z1
High Levels of Multidrug Resistance in Surgical Wound Isolates of Escherichia coli
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 441-446 Feb 2014

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*
w-3 Fatty Acids, the Importance and Yeast Expression
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 447-452 Feb 2014

Shubhra Shukla1,3, Sanjeev Kumar Shukla2, Dev Kumar Verma3, Rolee Sharma1 and Ajay Kumar4
Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium species from Fresh Water Aquarium Fish and Water Samples
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 453-460 Feb 2014

Gorakh Nath Gupta1*, Seweta Srivastava2, Sunil Kumar Khare3 and Veeru Prakash1
Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in Crop Growth and Disease Management
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 461-474 Feb 2014

Romila Thoudam* and Biman Kumar Dutta
Bioefficacy of Some Plant Extracts to Control Black Rot Disease of Tea {Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze} Caused by Corticium theae
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 475-480 Feb 2014

Alok Kumar Varshney1,2, Medicherla Krishna Mohan1,2, Ambarish Sharan Vidyarthi2, Vinod Kumar Nigam2* and Purnendu Ghosh1
Effect of Nitrogen Sources and C:N Ratio on Production of Manganese Peroxidase using Phanerochaete chrysosporium NCIM 1197
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 481-487 Feb 2014

Gunjan Bharti and P.U. Krishnaraj
Profile of Coleopteran Specific cry Genes in Native Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 489-496 Feb 2014

Dakshayani Lomada1*, Suneetha Nuthakki2, J. Venkata Narayana2 and G. Venkateswerlu3
Purification and Characterization of a Unique Chitinase from a Malbranchea chrysosporioidea Isolated from Chitin Rich Soil
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 497-504 Feb 2014

Narinder Singh1*, Preeti Saini2 and Paramdeep Singh3
Characterization and Evaluation of Siderophore Producing Rhizospheric Pseudomonas fluorescens as R. oryzae and R. solani Antagonists
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 505-513 Feb 2014

A. Saranya, G. Roseline Jebapriya and J. Joel Gnanadoss*
Removal of Synthetic Textile Dyes using Aspergillus Species Isolated from Soil
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 515- 522 Feb 2014

Leeza Arora, Annubhawi and Neeta Raj Sharma*
Optimization and Mycoremediation of Brilliant Blue by Fungus Collected from Nerium oleander, Mangifera indica, Azadirachta indica, Morus nigra and Psidium guajava
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 523-530 Feb 2014

Sabina Fijan* and Sonja Sostar Turk
Inactivation of Enterococcus faecium in Water and Hospital Laundry Wastewater by Disinfection Processes Utilizing Peroxyacetic Acid or Ultraviolet Radiation
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 531-538 Feb 2014

Ergin Murat Altuner1*, Kerem Canli2 and Ilgaz Akata3
Antimicrobial Screening of Calliergonella cuspidata, Dicranum polysetum and Hypnum cupressiforme
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 539-545 Feb 2014

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*, Manawwer Alam1 and Emad M. El-Kholie3
Chemical Constituents of Pinus densiflora Oil and its Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic and Necrotic Responses
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 547-554 Feb 2014

Jyothi Hiremath, Vandana Rathod*, Shivaraj Ninganagouda, Dattu Singh and K. Prema
Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles from Rhizopus spp Against Gram Negative E.coli-MDR Strains
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 555-562 Feb 2014

Gorkem Dulger1* and Basaran Dulger2
Antibacterial Activity of Codium fragile on Common Fish Pathogens
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 563-567 Feb 2014

Muzamil Bhat1, Indra Mani2, Livleen Shukla3 and Satish Lande2
Efficiency of Pusa Compost Inoculant Along with Windrow Turner for Rapid Degradation of Paddy Straw
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 569-576 Feb 2014

Ali-Hanan Alomari1*, Ali H. Bahkali1, Asran-Amal Abdel Mongy2, Basheer A. Al-Sum1 and Abdallah M. Elgorban1,2
Quantitative Analysis of Mycotoxins Produced by Three Fungi in Dry Fruits in Saudi Arabia using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 577-581 Feb 2014

Weiwei Sun, Ting Ding, Jian Long, Yahui Han and Haiyang Jiang*
Screening Antimicrobial Activity of Endophytic Fungi from Eucommia ulmoides (Eucommiaceae) Against Phytopathogenic Fungi
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 583-591 Feb 2014

Asma A. Al-Huqail1, M.M. Ibrahim1,2, Maysa M.A. Hatata2 and Gehan A. Elgaaly1
Association of Al3+ Toxicity with Disruption of Photosynthetic Pigments and Oxidative Metabolism of Zea mays L. Plants
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 593-599 Feb 2014

Mingxuan Li, Xinyu Guan, Xuehan Wang, Haijin Xu and Mingqiang Qiao*
Detection of Interaction Between DsbM and OhrR by Yeast Two-hybrid System in Pseudomona aeruginosa
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 601-605 Feb 2014

Abdurahman H. Hirad1, Ali H. Bahkali1, Mohamed A. Khiyami2, Arif A.Mohammed3, Chandra M. Santhapa1, Abdallah M. Elgorban3 and Basheer A. Al-Sum1*
Bioactivity of Marine Bacillus licheniformis Ksawd3 Isolated from Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 607-613 Feb 2014

Omar H.M. Shair
Sequence of Lactobacillus inners PCR Product: Dominant Species in Healthy and Unhealthy Saudi Women
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 615-622 Feb 2014

Noosha Zia-Jahromi1 and Majid Gholami-Ahangaran2*
Molecular Detection of Infectious Anaemia Virus in Quail, in Iran
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 623-626 Feb 2014

Sheetal Pant, S. Rajagunalan*, Garima Bisht, S.P. Singh and Rashmi Singh
Isolation and Characterization of STEC with Particular Reference to O157 from Human and Animal Sources
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 627-633 Feb 2014

Lirong Yan1, Ming Yu1, Wei Han1, Yanhua Chen1, Hongtu Zhou1, Wenbing Wang2 and Mandi Miao1
Protective Effects of Ethanol Extract from Termite Fungus Garden on the SH-SY5Y Cell against Oxidative Damage
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 635-639 Feb 2014

S. Sivasubramanian1 and S. Karthick Raja Namasivayam2
Phenol Degradation using Candida tropicalis SSK01 Isolated from Petroleum Contaminated Soil under Optimized Medium Composition
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 641-650 Feb 2014

Y. Sandhya Rani and P. Vijaya Lakshmi
In silico Structural Analysis of Ketol-acid Reductoisomerase (KARI) of Staphylococcus aureus and it?s Docking to Analyze its Drug Targeting Ability
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 651-658 Feb 2014

Sunil Kumar Dadhich1, Lata2 and B.D. Kaushik3
Recycling of Crop Wastes to Compost with a Consortium of Efficient Biodegrading Microorganisms
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 659-664 Feb 2014

B. Sreedevi, G.Eswari and J. Pramoda Kumari
Purification, Optimization and Production of Alkaline Protease from Penicillium Isolates Through Solid State Fermentation
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 665-670 Feb 2014

Bharati Singh, Deepmala Katiyar* and Rajveer Singh Chauhan
Differential Effects of Nitrogen based Fertilizations on Population of Methane-Consuming Microbes in Soil Planted with Rainfed Rice Cultivar NDR-97
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 671-676 Feb 2014

R. Jayalakshmi and Antony V. Samrot
Investigation on Iron Oxides Precipitated from FeSO4 by Klebsiella sp SU- 14
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 677-680 Feb 2014

Shefali Mishra1, K.S. Jagadeesh1, P.U. Krishnaraj2, A.S. Byadagi3 and A.S. Vastrad4
Field Evaluation of Chitosan and Pseudomonas Sp. on the Biological Control of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (Tolcv) in Tomato
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 681-688 Feb 2014

B. Latha, K.B. Munishamanna and B.C. Meenakshi
Evaluation of Different Strains of Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria for Fermentation of Kokum Juice
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 689-694 Feb 2014

M. Divya, B.C. Mallesha and Raghunandan B.L.
Evaluation of Enriched Mushroom (Hypsizygous ulmaris) Spent Substrate as a Nursery Mixture for Growth of Tomato Seedlings
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 695-699 Feb 2014

A. Garg, T. Saify, Gary Strobel, V. Kucheria, C. Prajapati, H. Kachchhava, D. Pote, B.D Patil and R. Srivastava
Endophytes - From Plant to Plants
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 701-706 Feb 2014

R. Manjula1,2 , P. Karthikeyan1, P.C. Cikesh1, E.S. Bindiya1, Sarita G. Bhat1* and M. Chandrasekaran1,3
Halophiles and Halozymes from Tannery Effluent as well as Food Grade Table Salt Crystals
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 707-713 Feb 2014

B. Ramanujam*, G. Roopa, P. Karmakar and H. Basha
Toxicity of Extracellular Proteins from Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae on Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 715-720 Feb 2014

M. Sashi Prabha1 and G. Subba Rangaiah2
Effect of Alcohols as Stimulants on Citric Acid Production using Musa sapientum and its Peel
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 721-726 Feb 2014

Basamma, V.I. Benagi, V.B. Nargund and Jones Nirmalnath
In vitro Prospects of Botanicals, Bioagents and Micronutrients in the Inhibition of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Punicae Causing Bacterial Blight of Pomegranate
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 727-732 Feb 2014

Yashpal S. Malik1*, Vinita Rawat2, Kuldeep Sharma1, Naveen Kumar1, Nirupama Vaid1, Ritu Rakholia3 and Balasubramanian Ganesh4
Molecular Evidence of Multiple Viral Infections in an Infant Hospitalized with Acute Gastroenteritis in India
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 733-737 Feb 2014

Gagandeep Singh and Deepak Kumar Malik*
Degradation of 2T (2-stroke oil) Engine Oil by Acinetobacter sp. Isolated from Automobile Workshop Contaminated Soil of Kurukshetra
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 739-742 Feb 2014

S.P. Nayak1*, P. Ray1, P.K. Sahoo2
Molecular Characterization and Identification of an Alkalophilic Bacterial Strain Isolated from a Local Hotspring Atri, Khurda District, Odisha, India
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 743-747 Feb 2014

Gurupad B. Balol and M.S. Patil
Biological Characterization and Detection of Groundnut Bud Necrosis Virus (GBNV) in Different Parts of Tomato
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 749-752 Feb 2014

Vishal Mahajan1, Harmanjit Singh Banga2 and Gursimran Filia1
Immunopathological and Molecular Approaches for the Diagnosis of Salmonellosis in Natural Cases of Bovine Abortion
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 753-756 Feb 2014

I. Jaquline Chinna Rani* and S. Jayasurya Kingsley
Isolation and Molecular Characterization of a Marine Halophile Pseudoalteromonas piscicida JCR18 from Marina Coast, Chennai
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 757-760 Feb 2014

Seweta Srivastava1*, Manisha Srivastava2, Ravindra Kumar3, Swapnil Kumar Shrivastava4, Gorakh Nath Gupta5 and Asha Sinha1
Influence of Fungi on Carbohydrate and Phenol Content of Jatropha curcas Seeds during Storage
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 761-766 Feb 2014

Rajalaxmi S. Keshgond1 and M.K. Naik2
Studies on Compatibility of Pseudomonas putida with Fungicides, Insecticides and Plant Extracts
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 767-770 Feb 2014

A. Julius1, Rajalakshmi Allen2, Pramila2 and Bhuminathan Swamikannu3
Comparative Study on 7 and 14 Days Stored Pot Stained Sputum Smears with Conventional Direct Smears of Acid Fast Bacilli
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 771-777 Feb 2014

K.S. Sadawarte, Sneha Dadarya and K. Tukaram Prabhu
Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strains Isolated from Various Clinical Specimens in Tertiary Care Hospital, Bhopal (M.P)
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 779-781 Feb 2014

Mohammed A. Al-Muwayhi1, Abdulaziz A. Al Sahli2, Abdullah R. Doaigey2, Mohammed O. Basalah2, Hayssam M. Ali2*, Mohamed E. El-Zaidy2 and Ahmed M. Sakran2
Role of Ascorbic Acid in Alleviating Air Pollutants in Eggplant Seedlings
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 783-792 Feb 2014

Kh. Moridi1, R. Hosseini Doust2, Z. Goudarzi1, H. Lashini1, D. Esmaeili2 and E. Saberfar1*
Detection of Helicobacter pylori and Human Papilloma Virus in Laryngeal Papillomatosis of Patients in Rasul Akram in Tehran in 2011
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 793-796 Feb 2014

Hamid Emami, Mohammad Rabbani* and Majid Bouzari
Probiotic Characteristics of Lactobacilli Isolated from Various Native Yoghurts Made by Local and Traditional Dairy Producers of Isfahan, Iran
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 797-806 Feb 2014

Wang Zhonghua1,Yang Jianqiang2*, Zhang Dijun1, Zhou Jun1, Zhang Chundan1, Su Xiurong1* and Li Taiwu3
Composition of Microbial Communities in Industrial Drain Outlets Microbial Communities in Drain Outlets
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 807-815 Feb 2014

Mohamed M. Ibrahim1,2, Gehan A. El-Gaaly1, Ashraf M. Hatmla1 and Mohamed S. El-Shickc1
Extracellular Synthesis of Eco-friendly Bio Silver Nanoparticles by using Seaweeds from Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and their Potential Applicability for Pharmaceutical Uses
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 817-824 Feb 2014

Asma A. Al-Huqail, Faheema Khan, Nora Al-Zahimand and Nagwa Mohamed Aref*
Olive Leaf Extract Trigger Defense Physiological Markers in Datura metel against Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Volume 8 No. 1 Page No. 825-842 Feb 2014

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